What Does Fred Parry Stand For?

Financial Responsibility With Your Tax Dollars

Financial Responsibility With Your Tax Dollars As a Boone Hospital Trustee, Fred Parry stood strong with Bob McDavid against BJC Healthcare and brought back more than $100 million in healthcare dollars to the citizens of Boone County. As a small business owner for 22 years, Fred has a proven record of financial prudence and responsible spending.

Making Our Neighborhoods Safe Again

With a 46 percent jump in violent crime in 2015, fueled by increased drug and gang activity coming in from St. Louis and Kansas City, we must take action now to protect our families and neighborhoods. To complicate matters, persistent offenders are being released on the streets because of overcrowding at the Boone County Jail. Working with law enforcement and our judicial system, Fred Parry will dedicate himself to coming up with solutions to make our neighborhoods safe again.

Better Roads And Infrastructure

In 2018, the citizens of Boone County will be asked to renew a one-half cent sales tax levy for improvement and maintenance of county roads. Before asking voters to approve this sales tax, Fred Parry will make sure that the county’s most pressing needs are identified and that clear priorities are set. Local taxpayers will be empowered to provide input and play a role in how funding decisions are made.

A Plan For The Boone County Fairgrounds

The citizens of Boone County have invested millions of dollars in the Boone County Fairgrounds. Today, the fairgrounds are closed because our County Commission has lacked the leadership to create a viable business plan during the last 16 years. Fred Parry has a plan to reopen the fairgrounds and make it not only self-sustaining, but also an important driver for tourism dollars. The highest and best use of these fairgrounds is as a multifaceted recreational complex that can also host the annual Boone County Fair. Fred has the vision and leadership to make it happen.

More Transparency In County Government

There are too many closed meetings and decisions being made in county government without public input. Fred has successfully challenged the County Commission’s closed meetings policy and is a strong advocate for open government where diverse opinion are encouraged.

Increased Collaboration Among Stakeholders

Boone County leaders have filed a lawsuit against the City of Columbia, damaging relationships in a way that will ultimately harm our citizens. Fred Parry has a track record of bringing people together in our community. He will open the lines of communication between city and county leaders and bring all stakeholders to the same table.